Lecture Modules for

Lecture Modules for

About the MATLAB™ Supplements for
Fundamentals of Radar Signal Processing

MarkA. Richards





The followingMATLAB™-based supplements to Fundamentalsof Radar Signal Processing (FRSP) are available:


·        Software contains the following GUI-based MATLABdemonstrations:

o  RCS of Complex Targets

o  LFM Pulse Compression

o  Multi-PRF Blind Zone Calculation

·        … and the following non-GUI-baseddemonstrations

o  Pulse Doppler Processing

o  Detection Calculator

o  Doppler Beam Sharpening

o  Adaptive Beamformer

·        … and the following student projectassignments

o  Pulse Doppler Processing (similar to above, inproject form)

o  RCS (similar to above, in project form)

o  LFM waveform and matched filtering (similar toabove, in project form)

o  Threshold detection


The details on the content anduse of each are contained in the presentation available here.  A WinZip file containing all of thesupplements and that presentation can be downloaded by clicking here.


These supplements are freelyavailable for download by all visitors to this site. They are provided subjectto the terms a CreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.



All software is provided"as is".  It is intendedfor tutorial and demonstration use only and is provided as a convenience andcourtesy to the user.  No usersupport is available.


The developer, theGeorgia Institute of Technology, and McGraw-Hill make absolutely no warranty ofmerchantability or fitness for any use for any particular purpose, or that theuse of the software will not infringe on any third party patents, copyrights,trademarks, or other rights.